Только не надейтесь, что ваше удобрение попадёт куда надо. Это делают ваши семена.

Блокировка семян и снижение потоков может стать кошмаром, особенно если вы не знали, что это происходит.


You can now get easy financing for your Intelligent Ag Recon System  Узнай больше!

Intelligent Ag Recon Wireless Blockage & Flow Monitor on iPad


В кратчайшее время получите бесплатный iPad® with a qualifying purchase of the Recon Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor system when purchased from Red E Ag!

Укажите промокод: IPAD20


Let us handle the shipping charges and details for you. Simply order a Recon System from us and we'll cover the shipping!

10 Year Warranty on Qualifying Sensors Purchased in 2021

Intelligent Ag's Recon Product Breakdown by Red E

September 8, 2020

Matt Faul interviews Adam Reich, who was instrumental in developing the Intelligent Ag Recon system.

Seeding Prep - Recon Wireless Blockage & Flow Monitor - Installation

Welker Farms Inc Installs an Intelligent Ag Recon Wireless Blockage & Flow Monitor

April 10, 2019

Welker Farms installs a new Intelligent Ag Recon Wireless Blockage & Flow Monitor on an air seeder.

Spring Planting - It's Go Time!

Welker Farms Inc puts the Recon Wireless Blockage Monitor to the test

April 25, 2019

Welker Farms finds out first hand how the Intelligent Ag Recon Wireless Blockage & Flow Monitor works in the field as it catches multiple rocks in the air seeder lines, preventing costly misses in the field.

Plant with Confidence!

with the

Intelligent Ag Recon Wireless Blockage & Flow Monitor

The IAS Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor will tell you exactly how much seed is flowing in each run. When a blockage happens, you’ll be alerted immediately - giving you a chance to clear it right away and get back to planting with confidence.


Here's how it works


How it works - Intelligent Ag Recon Wireless Blockage & Flow Monitor

As the seed leaves the manifold, it passes through our acoustic sensor.


How it works - Intelligent Ag Recon Wireless Blockage & Flow Monitor

The seed impacts a steel membrane, creating a small pulse of sound that travels out through an auditory tube.

How it works - Intelligent Ag Recon Wireless Blockage & Flow Monitor


How it works - Intelligent Ag Recon Wireless Blockage & Flow Monitor

These impulses are collected by the electronic control unit (ECU), which relays information wirelessly to the cab.

How it works - Intelligent Ag Recon Wireless Blockage & Flow Monitor - wifi


How it works - Intelligent Ag Recon Wireless Blockage & Flow Monitor

Information arrives via Wi-Fi and gets displayed on an Apple iPad® or the virtual terminal (VT) display.

If there is a blockage or even a decrease in flow anywhere in the system, you'll know.



Say goodbye to dust-covered optical sensors. The acoustic sensors in your IAS Recon Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor function like a stethoscope, instantly detecting blockages or reduced seed flow, anywhere on the implement.

Multiple sensor options allow the system to easily adapt to nearly any rig or application:

  • Bourgault, Case IH, John Deere, Seed Hawk, Amity, Sunflower, Horsch, Flexi-Coil and more
  • Multiple Product Types and Rates
  • Air Seeders, Dry Fertilizer Applicators, Deep Banders, and Strip-Till Units
  • Dual-Shooting and Mid-Row Banders
Intelligent Ag Recon Wireless Blockage & Flow Monitor on John Deere

Proudly Made in the USA

How to install the IAS Recon Wireless Blockage & Flow Monitor

Part 1 - Getting Started

Part 2 - ECU

Part 3 - Power Harness

Part 4 - Work Switch

Part 5 - Tractor Harness

Part 6 - Sensors

Part 7 - Access Point

Part 8 - Configuring the iPad® App

Recon iPad® App Installation Videos

App Store Download

App Features and Settings

Connect To WiFi and Demo Mode

App configuration

Latest Intelligent Ag Support Tips

1. Download the AgriSync support app

Last fall Intelligent Ag announced a partnership with AgriSync to provide a dedicated support tool that allows you to more easily connect with a live expert from our team. Submit support tickets, call or text our support team, and even video chat with us while troubleshooting in the field.

Once you download AgriSync from the app store, you can register as a "Free Farmer," then search for our team and create a support request. Here's a helpful video on how to connect with us on the AgriSync app.

2. Enable location services on iOS 13

Since the release of iOS13 in September, we have had a few instances of our customers experiencing difficulty with the Recon Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor app connecting to the Wi-Fi network.

After updating to iOS 13, you will be prompted to enable location services the first time you open the Recon app. You must select “Only While Using the App” or “Always Allow” location services in order to prevent any interruptions while using our app.

If you select “Don't Allow", this will prevent the iPad from connecting to “IASBlockage” or “IASNetwork2”. As a result, you must to delete and redownload the Recon app from the app store. Once you open the app after the download, you will receive the prompt again to allow these permissions to configure the Recon system. Watch this video to learn how.

Screenshot to enable location services for Recon Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor app

3. Update Recon Blockage Monitor app to version 2.5

Ensure your system is up to speed by upgrading your Recon Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor app to version 2.5. You'll see some bug fixes and app improvements. Plus, the updated version is compatible with iOS13. Learn more here.

Recon Blockage Monitor app

Protect Your Acoustic Sensors with a 10-Year Warranty

IntelligentAg is celebrating 10 Years of reliable, acoustic sensor innovation by including a 10-year Warranty on qualifying sensor purchases made in 2021. Use the registration page below to enter your contact and purchase information. You will receive a confirmation email with warranty information.

Qualifying Sensors

  • Sensor Assembly - Spread Sense 153510-000085
  • Sensor, Inline 1.00” 153510-000022
  • Sensor, Inline 1.25” 153510-000066
  • Customers MUST register on our warranty page at Intelligent Ag.com to activate their extended warranty.
    • Failure to register by January 31st, 2022 will result in our current Limited Warranty coverage of 3 years for sensors.
  • This extended warranty does NOT apply to other system components, only qualifying acoustic sensors.
  • Qualifying orders must have been shipped by Intelligent Ag between 12/1/2020 and 12/31/2021.
  • The warranty applies only to the original owner and is not transferable.
  • Following registration, customers will receive an email with their extended warranty information.
  • It is important to note the qualifying orders point above. We will grandfather-in any shipments made in 2021 in addition to shipments in December of 2020. You may wish to inform any customers that would qualify for this benefit and instruct them how to register.


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