Stainless vs Green Meter Housings- Is It Worth The Upgrade?

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Are you tired of replacing the same components for your air cart and dealing with corrosion? We offer corrosion-resistant stainless steel parts for air carts that are long-term solutions.

If corrosion, air leaks, or stuck and worn parts are something that applies to your John Deere 1900 or 1910 air cart, now may be the time to make the upgrade from OEM parts to Red E stainless steel parts.

OEM Meter Housing vs Red E Stainless Steel Meter Housing

OEM Meter Housing

  • Short-term Solution - OEM meter housings have to be replaced in a few years due to leaks and corrosion. 
  • Twisting and Seizing - In theory, plastic half-width disconnects are a good idea for ease of tank cleanout but they are not rigid. This results in twisting and seizing, making them worse than having nothing. This is because the tank will need to be emptied just to change the meter roller. The twisting causes some runs to get less product flow when the disconnects are rotated back to seed metering. 
  • Loss of Air Pressure - The meter housing is made of soft aluminum, also known as, ‘pot metal’. These materials are soft and easy to corrode.  If you use fertilizer, this will accelerate the swelling and disintegration of the aluminum components, which leads to loss of air pressure. 
  • Corroded Hardware - The hardware that comes with the OEM meter housing is steel. This works well when it's new and there is no fertilizer being used. With any kind of fertilizer use, the hardware becomes corroded and that results in disintegration or seizing. 

Red E Stainless Meter Housing

  • Long-term Solution - Red E meter housings are corrosion resistant and will last the lifetime of the air cart.  
  • Rigid and Reliable - Red E Stainless Steel Half-Width Disconnects turn off the flow to the meter roller, making cleanout fast и frustration-free.  When switching your meter rollers, you can confidently divert the product and change out the meter roller without concern about the product flowing into the cavity.  Once the meter roller is back in place, the product will evenly и accurately flow to the meter.  
  • Air Tight - There are no corrosion-prone materials inside the Red E meter housing. Additionally, all dividers are stainless steel and permanently integrated so there will be no swelling.
  • Serviceable and Complete – Red E includes all necessary stainless steel hardware and foam seals with Red E meter housings. The bolts and studs will not seize when you need to remove the meter housing for other maintenance on your air cart in the future. Our stainless hardware will never corrode! 
  • Durable Agitators – Red E replaced the plastic agitators in the meter housings with stainless steel agitators. The stainless steel agitators are more durable than the OEM plastic agitators. 

Leave Corrosion Behind with Red E

Not only can we replace your meter housing and the components inside of it with stainless steel, we offer compatible parts to keep the undercarriage of your air cart corrosion-free for years!

Red E Stainless Steel Upper Kit

Верхний комплект из нержавеющей стали

Rebuild your air cart with all the necessary parts above the metering housing and below the ladder in your John Deere 1900/1910 air cart. This Upper Kit will replace your funnel weldment found inside your air cart tank and meter mounting plate with stainless steel and includes all necessary seals and hardware.

Red E Stainless Steel Tube Kit

lower view of installed ss tubes

Replace your old, rusted primary air tubes with our new direct replacement stainless steel tubes.  Stainless steel prevents the corrosion common to OEM primary tubes, ensuring years of trouble-free operation no matter which product you run through them. Available in all lengths and configurations for your John Deere 1900/1910 air cart.

Red E Stainless Steel Single Shoot Lower Kit


Replace all of the non-plastic components needed to rebuild your single lower meter assembly, from the bottom of the meter housing down to the seed primary tubes. Plastic manifolds are not included.

Red E Stainless Steel Double Shoot Lower Kit

Double Shoot Lower

Replace all of the non-plastic components needed to rebuild your double shoot lower meter assembly, from the bottom of the meter housing down to the seed primary tubes. Plastic manifolds are not included.