Гидравлическая система регулирования догрузки Джон Дир 1770

Reduce wheel tracks and compaction while improving planting depth consistency with Martin Till’s 1770 Hydraulic Frame Weight Distribution System.  Martin’s hydraulic weight transfer system lifts on the center frame while pressing down on the wings to create a more uniform distribution of the weight.

SKU:WTS 1770-16

Part Number: WTS 1770-16

  • In-Cab Control Box with harness (Electronic PWM version)
  • Bolt on brackets, fits both JD 1770 12 and 16 row
  • Can be used with frame mounted opener
  • Grade 8 mounting hardware
  • Industry standard durable hydraulic valve
  • NOTE: Kit does not include custom hydraulic hoses or fittings
  • Check fit up for center frame mounted fertilizer tanks and brackets for possible tank mounting bracket modifications if needed


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