Пластиковый шнек Lundell

Lundell Poly Cupped Flighting is engineered to move seed safely and efficiently while wearing like steel.  University studies show major reductions in soybean seed damage and increased germination.  Replace your worn steel flighting today and see the advantages of poly cupped flighting!


Part Number: PCF

  • Lundell Poly Cupped flighting provides the durability to rival steel without damaging seed
  • University testing shows that Lundell Poly Cupped flighting keeps 99.62% of soybean seed intact. 5x less damage versus steel!
  • Replaces steel augers on most brands and types of seeders, tenders, harvesters and grain carts.  Call today!


Drill Models

Case IH PD500, Case IH SDX, JD 50 60, JD 90

Auger Length

21', 23'

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