Red E Ag

Providing Precision Aftermarket Ag Parts
with Long Term Performance

We provide aftermarket ag equipment parts that give you better performance,
reduced cost of maintenance, and increased farming profitability.

Count on Red E Ag to Stand by Your Side

With in-house engineering, sourcing quality materials & manufacturing in-region, and years of farming/engineering experience - you can trust that your farming operation is in good hands.

Our team has worked with hundreds of satisfied farmers around the world, rebuilding 1,000's of drills with years of proven performance. We offer full service, parts and installation.

Our goal is to provide quality & precision parts, and outstanding customer satisfaction - to be your complete solution. Let us do your problem solving.

We provide parts and enhancements for John Deere 890, John Deere air seeders, John Deere 1910 stainless, John Deere 1890 air seeder and more.

Red E, LLC
220 21st Street Northwest
PO Box 704
West Fargo, North Dakota 58078 USA

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