Yetter 6200 Cast Spike Closing Wheel

Achieve closure in tough soil conditions with the 16 teeth on the Yetter 6200 Cast Spike Closing Wheel. This unit is designed to fully close the seed trench and increase yield potential in a variety of soil conditions. The Cast Spike Closing Wheel works in wide range of tillage practices: minimum till, conventional, strip-till, vertical tillage, and no-till.

Part Number: 6200

  • Wide-crowned depth band controls spike depth/prevents seed disturbance
  • Teeth designed to lift and fracture soil to enhance seed-to-soil contact and encourage faster soil warm up
  • Eliminates sidewall compaction
  • 16 teeth per wheel



For use on John Deere 60 and 90 series no-till drills

Replaced John Deere P/N: N282110

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