How Red E Helps Farmers Keep Farming

Helping Farmers Upgrade & Improve Use of Existing Equipment

January 22, 2020

With a passion that developed in our early years on our grandpa's farm, we’ve formed our business around helping farmers upgrade and make better use of their existing equipment.  Our grandpa used to say, “I can’t afford a new machine, so let’s keep what we have running in the best condition possible.”

At Red E Ag, we find our inspiration by listening to farmers and their pain points, then providing solutions that dealers and manufacturers have not done well.

This is where Red E comes in.

Spring Planting - It's Go Time!

Welker Farms Inc puts the Recon Wireless Blockage Monitor to the test

April 25, 2019

Welker Farms finds out first hand how the Intelligent Ag Recon Wireless Blockage & Flow Monitor works in the field as it catches multiple rocks in the air seeder lines, preventing costly misses in the field.

Seeding Prep - Recon Wireless Blockage & Flow Monitor - Installation

Welker Farms Inc Installs an Intelligent Ag Recon Wireless Blockage & Flow Monitor

April 10, 2019

Welker Farms installs a new Intelligent Ag Recon Wireless Blockage & Flow Monitor on an air seeder.

Stainless Steel Upgrades For The Deep Bander

Red E Ag Featured on Millenial Farmer YouTube Channel

September 30, 2019

We made a HUGE mess in the shop installing a new Romafa stainless steel meter housing in our John Deere Deep Bander. Thank you to Red E Parts out of Fargo, ND for the help!