Fargo, Inc.: 10 Questions With John Machacek – Red E

John Machacek from Fargo Inc., a local magazine, asked Matt and Jesse, the owners of Red E, 10 questions about Red E and how the company affects the local community.

Learn about the impact of our social media pages, engineering services, internship program, Jesse's elevator pitch, and more!

Read an excerpt of the article below:

"Hearing a farmer say, 'It works exactly how it should’ve been designed,' is one of the highest compliments we receive. We are by nature an engineering company so we have a problem-solving culture at our core."

"Our team has worked with hundreds of satisfied farmers and service crews from around the world, who collectively have rebuilt 1,000’s of drills with our parts that have years of proven performance. We enjoy using innovation and engineering to solve problems, so if you have a problem to solve in an industry we serve, let us know."

Read The Full Article Here: https://www.fargoinc.com/10-questions-with-john-machacek-red-e/ by John Machacek.